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Making the most of your York Remodeling Contractor services is all about finding the right team to get the job done. Although plenty of companies may claim that they are the ideal one for the job, it is all about having the actual credentials to get the job done. You can usually whittle away a large number of “so-called-pros” who do not bother to have the basic required essentials such as a business license and insurance.

From there, you can also begin to narrow it down to companies who have actually been in business for more than a few months. At Red Oak Remodeling we meet all of these criteria, and then some. Having been in business since 1987, we have certainly well exceeded what it takes to prove that we are in this business, long term. Yet we have also managed to make quite a name for ourselves during this three decade span.

Aside from award-winning work, we are also known for our dedication to the customers. We offer only the best in handiwork and customer care. So if you want to be sure you are getting the best when it comes to the renovation work that goes into your residential or light commercial work, then count on the Red Oak Remodeling team!


Cost vs Value

We know cost can be a factor in many remodeling projects. To help you have a more realistic picture of where your budget should be, we recommend you look at Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report which takes 29 of the most popular remodeling projects, gives you their average cost in a specific region and also lists what you can expect for a return on your investment. Check out this year’s trends and how they compare to prior years.



Kitchen Remodeling Experts

York Kitchens are naturally the focal point of any home. They play a huge role in how attractive your home is, and they can drastically change the way your home looks and feels. So when you need kitchen remodeling done on your kitchen, you need a York Remodeling Contractor you can trust to do it right.

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Bathroom Remodeling Services

York Bathroom remodeling specialists can help you transform it into a place that you love to be. Call Red Oak Remodeling for remodeling ideas and implement the necessary changes so you can enjoy it better. The job might be as simple as adding a vanity, or it could be as complex as completely overhauling the room and reconstructing it from the ground up.

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Whole Home Renovation

Undergoing a whole home remodel is perhaps the best way to boost the value of your existing York home. Often, it is about bringing an older home into more modern times. But it could just be about taking a pre-existing space and making it completely yours.

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Additions & Second Stories

At Red Oak Remodeling we are also experts when it comes to quality York Room Additions. When it comes to your house the thinking is always why move when you could just improve? Don’t give up the perfect location, ideal school district and great neighbors just because your house needs to be changed a bit. Let our experts show you all of the expansion possibilities available to you.

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