3 Custom Woodworking Ideas for Your Home

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If you enjoy the warmth and natural finish of woodwork in your Shrewsbury home, consider hiring a remodeling contractor for custom woodworking services. If this idea appeals to you, ask yourself what type of woodwork you would like customized. You can design the size, color, finish, and shape of wood furniture and cabinets, and these personalized pieces can become cherished items in your home that you pass on as family heirlooms or attractive items that increase your property value.


A wood bookshelf tailored to fit your belongings can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. Traditionally, bookshelves are popular in home offices, bedrooms, and living rooms, but consider hiring a remodeling contractor to build custom bookshelves for your dining room. Of course, you can place books on these shelves, but you can also store dishes, candle holders, and vases. After your bookshelves are placed in the room of your choice, arrange items in unusual ways to create interest. Leave some empty space on the shelves, use books as pedestals for art pieces, or store books both vertically and horizontally.

Dining Tables

A high-quality customized wood dining table can be a piece that is passed down for generations. Dining tables can be built in many different styles, and their components, such as the legs, can be personalized. Dining table styles to consider include pedestal, farmhouse, and trestle.

Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners often desire new kitchen cabinets when hiring remodeling services. Some unique kitchen cabinet looks could include glass door and mirrored front cabinets. Glass door cabinets offer windows to the contents within them, and mirror front cabinets reflect light and appear to expand the size of a kitchen. If painted wood cabinets suit your tastes better, consider gray kitchen cabinets that complement stainless steel appliances.

Regardless of the type of woodwork that you include in your remodeling project, having customized cabinets or personalized furniture pieces sets your Shrewsbury home apart from the homes of your friends, family, and neighbors. If you want to invest in custom woodworking, hire experienced professionals at Red Oak Remodeling to build unique cabinets or furniture with superb craftsmanship.

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